Policy TR5 Active Travel

A new development proposal within an urban area should ensure the needs of pedestrians and cyclists are taken into account. Where appropriate, the following will be required:

  1. Safe and convenient pedestrian and cycle access;
  2. Safe, convenient and secure cycle parking having regard to DfI published standards36; and
  3. Safe and convenient pedestrian and cycle links to existing or programmed active travel networks and public transport services in reasonable proximity37to the development site.

Major employment generating development will be required to make appropriate provision for shower and changing facilities.

Justification and Amplification

This policy aims to promote active travel, such as walking and cycling, as everyday modes of transport which can help to reduce reliance on the private car, and improve health and wellbeing. Active travel provision should also integrate with public transport use to enable convenient, safe and attractive sustainable modes. In particular, opportunities to improve connections between a major development and the town centres, public transport hubs, as well as areas of employment and services will be promoted through this policy.

In Mid and East Antrim, there is insufficient provision of safe and good quality infrastructure for walking or cycling which discourages active travel patterns. It is important that safe and convenient walking and cycling access, associated facilities, and any required links to existing or programmed active travel networks and public transport services are incorporated into the scheme design at an early stage.

Therefore, new proposals for residential (more than two units), economic or employment, shopping, leisure and services, including educational and community uses should demonstrate how active travel considerations have been incorporated within the design concept of the scheme. The measures required will be proportionate to the nature of the development in terms of scale, location and use.

The delivery of such infrastructure is addressed through Policy TR3 New Transport Schemes.

  • 36 - Parking Standards (DOE, 2005)
  • 37 - For the purposes of this policy, a reasonable proximity is considered to be approximately 400m or 1⁄4 mile.

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