Policy TR4 Disused Transport Routes

A development proposal impacting on a disused transport route will not be permitted where it would prejudice its future re-use for transport purposes, or for alternative appropriate recreational, nature conversation or tourism related uses.

Justification and Amplification

In Mid and East Antrim, disused transport routes may include roads and railway lines that are currently not operational. A number of disused railways offer potential opportunities through the reinstatement of their former transportation mode, while others may present opportunities for alternative transport modes such as new active travel routes.

This policy aims to protect those disused transport routes identified in the Plan where there is a reasonable prospect of re-use for future transport purposes. Where this is not the case, the Council will support proposals for other alternative appropriate recreational, nature conservation or tourism related uses which will deliver environmental, social or economic benefits for communities, for example by extending the blue/green infrastructure network in the Borough. Until such time as the Local Policies Plan is adopted, all disused transport routes will be protected under this policy.

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