Policy TR3 New Transport Schemes

Protection of Transport Schemes

The Council will safeguard land required for the implementation of a transport scheme identified in the LDP. A development proposal that would prejudice such a scheme will not be permitted.

Delivery of Transport Schemes

A developer will be required to deliver or to contribute to the cost of a transport scheme in any of the following circumstances relating to the development:

  1. where the development relies on a planned transport scheme identified in the LDP/Local Transport Plan; or
  2. where future residents or users of the development will benefit from proximity to a planned transport scheme identified in the LDP/Local Transport Plan; or
  3. where the development itself generates a need for a new transport scheme or for connectivity to an existing transportation facility in the locality.

The developer contribution in each instance will be commensurate with the scale of the development proposal and on the extent to which the development itself relies on the transport scheme.

Justification and Amplification

This policy aims to ensure that land needed to facilitate new transport schemes (including major proposals for road, rail and public transport provision, park and ride proposals and cycle/pedestrian networks or planned improvements to the transport network), are protected from development likely to jeopardise its implementation.

This policy will apply to all road lines designated in the extant Development Plan for this reason. The Local Policies Plan, in conjunction with the DfI Local Transport Plan and the Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan (BMTP), will determine which road lines will be afforded ongoing protection under this policy, along with any potential new routes.

In assessing whether the implementation of a particular transport scheme would be prejudiced by a development proposal, matters such as the nature of the proposal, the programming of the transport scheme, and the extent to which implementation of the scheme would be compromised by the carrying out of the proposed development, will all be taken into account.

Where a new development relies on a developer-led transport scheme, for example for access, the applicant will be required to include delivery of that scheme (or part of) in order to facilitate the development. In other instances, the onus on the developer to contribute, either wholly or partially, to the delivery of a new transport scheme may arise because of a need brought about by the development itself, for example for a cycleway or walkway to link the development to a broader active travel network in the locality, whether existing or planned.

The matter of what will be required to be delivered in each instance will be agreed between the Council and the applicant on a case by case basis until such times as a formal developer contribution framework may be published by the Council.

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