SGS4 Protection of Zoned Housing Land

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SGS4 Protection of Zoned Housing Land

Development of non-residential uses on land zoned for housing in settlements will only be permitted where:

  • it forms part of a major housing development and remains ancillary and integral to it; or
  • it meets an identified community need and it is demonstrated that no other sites are available.

Justification and Amplification

Land use zoning is one way the LDP can help provide the right amount of land for housing in the right location to meet housing need. Sites will be selected for zoning in the LPP because of their sustainability, including proximity to the town centre, and accessibility to community facilities/services and public transport. It is therefore important that these sustainable sites for housing are not lost to competing landuses.

However, it is important that any community infrastructure needs arising from major4 housing developments are met, for example a new community facility or local shop to serve the new residents. Where this is the case the loss of part of a housing zoning to make provision for such uses will normally be acceptable where the facility or service is ancillary and integral to the residential development.

Whilst the need for a new education, health, community or recreation facility may arise during the lifetime of the LDP, zoned housing land should only be considered for such non-residential uses in limited instances in order to protect land identified through the LDP to meet housing need.

  • 4 - Defined as 50 dwellings or more under the Planning (Development Management) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015 (Statutory rules 2015 No. 71)

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