OSL7 Cemeteries and Burial Space

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Policy OSL7 Cemeteries and Burial Space

All existing cemeteries and burial spaces will be protected from inappropriate development. The re-use of burial space will be supported. A proposal for the provision of new cemetery/burial space will be permitted where it meets the General Policy and accords with other provisions of the LDP. In addition, the applicant should demonstrate that the proposal will not have an adverse impact on the local water environment and in particular, the groundwater underlying the site.

Justification and Amplification

This policy seeks to ensure that any new proposal for cemetery/burial space meets the normal planning requirements and is in an appropriate location. This policy will apply to new cemetery/burial space and extensions of existing cemeteries not covered by other open space policies in this document.

Proposals for cemetery development should be considered in liaison with NIEA Water Management Unit. In considering such proposals consideration should be given to the following documents:

  • Planning Guidance Note: Cemeteries. A Guidance Note for Planning Officers and Applicants Seeking Planning Permission for New Cemeteries and Extensions to Existing Cemeteries.
  • Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG’s), namely PPG 1, 4 & 5; Cemeteries, Burials and the Water Environment Guidance Note.

Applicants should also consider any potential impact on the historic environment, in particular in the re-use of, or extension to, historic church sites and graveyards.

This policy will also provide direction for the assessment of other cemetery proposals not identified in the LDP.

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