OSL6 Community Growing Spaces and Allotments

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Policy OSL6 Community Growing Spaces and Allotments

The development of community growing spaces/allotments will be permitted where they meet the General Policy, accord with other provisions of the LDP and where all the following criteria are met:

  1. it is demonstrated that the site is suitable for growing food in terms of aspect, light, access to water, and where applicable any risks from contaminated land are appropriately managed;
  2. satisfactory arrangements are provided for an appropriate landscape scheme and it is demonstrated that the proposal will support wildlife; and
  3. details of the long term management/maintenance of the scheme shall be provided to the satisfaction of Council before planning permission is granted.

Justification and Amplification

As well as encouraging physical exercise, the provision of spaces in urban areas for growing of food (e.g. community orchards, allotments and school grounds) can reduce food miles, provide people directly with fresh healthy food, increase education and awareness about good food and healthy eating. These spaces can also foster community pride, improve social cohesion and provide a focus for the community. Allotments are also an increasingly important resource for wildlife.

This policy supports the delivery of community growing spaces and allotments in locations that encourage and support active travel as part of our commitment to sustainable development. It applies to both new standalone community growing spaces/allotments and where proposals form part of a wider development scheme. Proposals should be accompanied by a landscape plan and full details of any ancillary structures such as storage sheds, greenhouses or poly tunnels. As the on-going management of community growing spaces/allotments is important the submission of a long term maintenance plan will help to ensure the growing space does not become unsightly and unattractive.

Existing allotments are protected under Policy OSL1 Protection of Open Space.

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