Policy OSL2 Greenways

Development proposals that create, protect, extend, complement and/or improve regional or community greenways, including those designated in the LDP, will be granted planning permission where they meet the General Policy and accord with other provisions of the LDP. Where appropriate, development proposals shall include open space linkages to designated regional or community greenways.

Planning permission will not be granted for development either within or adjacent to a designated regional or community greenway which could prejudice the retention, enhancement or further development of an identified route.

Justification and Amplification

Linear open spaces and green corridors such as pedestrian and cycle routes, community greenways, former railway lines and river and canal corridors are valuable in linking the places where people live to the places they work, the services they wish to access or to larger areas of open space. This offers opportunities for commuting, recreation, exercise, social interaction, active travel and increasingly greenways are becoming an important tourism asset. They also provide important wildlife corridors/ecological networks, assist in flood risk management as well as promoting and protecting public access to and along the coast.

This policy provides for the creation and protection of greenways across the Borough which will form part of a multi-functional green and blue infrastructure network. Development proposals involving amendments to an identified route may be acceptable, provided that the alternative arrangements maintain the overall integrity of the route.

Details of the broad location of designated regional greenways are set out on the District Proposals Maps. Details of designated community greenways will be set out in the Local Policies Plan alongside more detailed proposals for regional greenways where finalised.

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