NAT4 Sites of Nature Conservation Importance - Local

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Policy NAT4 Sites of Nature Conservation Importance - Local

Planning permission will only be granted for a development proposal that is not likely to have a significant adverse impact on:

  • a Local Nature Reserve; or
  • a Wildlife Refuge.

A development proposal which could have a significant adverse impact on a site of local importance may only be permitted where the benefits of the proposed development outweigh the value of the site.

In such cases, appropriate mitigation and/or compensatory measures will be required.

Justification and Amplification

Local Nature Reserves are those established by Council or the Ulster Wildlife Trust to enrich the network of important natural heritage assets in the Borough under the provisions of Nature Conservation and Amenity Lands (Northern Ireland) Order 1985. There are currently eight Local Nature Reserves in Mid and East Antrim – see Technical Supplement 10 Countryside Assessment for further details.

A Wildlife Refuge can be provided for under the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order. This policy will apply to any Wildlife Refuge which may be designated in the future. There are no Wildlife Refuges at present in the Council area.

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