MIN5 Area of Salt Reserve, Carrickfergus

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Policy MIN5 Area of Salt Reserve, Carrickfergus

An Area of Salt Reserve is designated east of Carrickfergus and to the north of Kilroot as identified on the District Proposals Map 3.

Within this designated area, planning permission will not be granted for surface development that would prejudice the exploitation of the proven Salt Reserves with the exception of:

  • structures related to and necessary for established businesses including agricultural buildings where these require planning permission; or
  • the improvement, extension or replacement of dwellings which comply with Policy HOU9 Replacement Dwelling and Policy HOU3 Residential Extensions and Alterations.

Justification and Amplification

The salt reserves at Carrickfergus are considered as a valuable mineral resource of regional importance and also rare in that this is the only active salt mine in Ireland. This policy will ensure that surface development does not prejudice the exploitation of the proven salt reserves.

Where planning permission is granted for surface development in this area, and where Council perceives a risk of subsidence from either old shafts or new mining, an informative will be attached to the consent indicating the potential risk of subsidence. This will inform the applicant that the responsibility and subsequent liability for safe development and secure occupancy of the site lies with the developer and/or landowner. Geological Survey Northern Ireland (GSNI) will be consulted for any proposed development on land above the Area of Salt Reserve.

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