Policy HOU8 Travellers Accommodation

Where a demonstrable need for Travellers specific accommodation is identified in the Housing Needs Assessment, planning permission will be granted for a suitable facility which meets this need. This may be provided through either a grouped housing scheme, a serviced site or a transit site in a settlement where the General Policy and the following criteria are met:

  1. there is suitable provision of utilities, including running water, toilet facilities and waste disposal; and
  2. the proposal will provide convenient access to local services, including health services, education facilities, public transport, employment opportunities and open space.

Where a need is identified for a transit site or a serviced site, which cannot readily be met within an existing settlement in the locality, a proposal will be required to meet the requirements of Policy HOU16 Affordable Housing in the Countryside.

Exceptionally, where a need is demonstrated through the Housing Needs Assessment produced by NIHE, a single family Traveller transit site or serviced site may be permitted in the countryside. Such proposals will be assessed on their merits.

Justification and Amplification

Travellers have distinctive needs which will be assessed as part of the annual Housing Needs Assessment for Mid and East Antrim produced by NIHE and which may be met in a number of ways including; grouped housing schemes, services sites or transit sites (See Glossary). As with other housing proposals the priority will be for Travellers’ accommodation to be located within settlements.

In addition to ensuring any proposal complies with the General Policy and is compatible with neighbouring uses and is appropriately integrated, policy criteria a) and b) seeks to address broader issues including provision of utilities and access to local services.

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