HOU14 Personal and Domestic Circumstances

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Policy HOU14 Personal and Domestic Circumstances

Planning permission will be granted for a dwelling in the countryside to provide for the long term needs of an individual or family, where there are compelling, and site specific reasons for this related to the applicant’s personal or domestic circumstances and provided it meets the General Policy, accords with other provisions of the LDP and both the following criteria are met:

  1. the applicant can provide satisfactory evidence that a new dwelling is a necessary response to the particular circumstances of the case and that genuine hardship would be caused if planning permission were refused; and
  2. there are no alternative solutions to meet the particular circumstances of the case, such as: an extension or annex attached to the existing dwelling; the conversion or reuse of another building within the curtilage of the property; or the use of a temporary mobile home for a limited period to deal with immediate short term circumstances.

All permissions granted under this policy will be subject to a condition restricting the occupation of the dwelling to a named individual and their dependents.

Justification and Amplification

This policy makes provision for a new dwelling in the countryside where this is justified through the particular personal or domestic circumstances pertaining to the applicant or a family member. Often, such cases will be health related. Whatever the circumstances each case needs to be carefully considered on its own merits.

Applicants will be expected to provide sufficient information to allow a proper assessment of each specific case. Such information should include:

  • A statement detailing the special personal or domestic circumstances supported if appropriate by medical evidence from a medical or health professional.
  • Details of the level of care required in relation to any medical condition again supported by the appropriate health professional, the identity of the main carer, their current address and occupation.
  • An explanation of why care can only be provided at the specific location and how genuine hardship would be caused if planning permission were refused.
  • Details of what alternatives to a new dwelling have been considered e.g. extension/annex to an existing dwelling and why such alternatives are not considered practical to meet the site specific need.
  • Any other information considered relevant to the particular case.

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