HOU11 Dwelling for Non-Agricultural Business Enterprise

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Policy HOU11 Dwelling for Non-Agricultural Business Enterprise

Planning permission will be granted for a dwelling in connection with an established non- agricultural business enterprise located beside or within the boundaries of the business enterprise and integrated with the buildings on the site, and where it meets the General Policy, accords with other provisions of the LDP and it is clearly demonstrated that:

  1. a site specific need exists that makes it essential for an employee of the business to live at the site of their work;

  2. there are no alternative development opportunities available under any other policy; and

  3. there are no reasonable alternative solutions to meet the particular circumstances of the case.

Planning permission granted under this policy will be subject to a condition restricting occupation of the dwelling for the use of the business.

Justification and Amplification

Established non-agricultural business enterprises, located in the countryside, may require residential accommodation. The presence of such a business is not, of itself, sufficient justification to grant permission for someone to live on the site. Applicants must provide sufficient information to show that there is a site specific need which makes it essential for one of the firm’s employees to live at the site of their work, as against a general desire for a dwelling in association with the business.

A business which has been operating satisfactorily without residential accommodation will be expected to demonstrate why accommodation is now considered necessary in order to enable the enterprise to function properly. The need to provide improved security from theft and/or vandalism by having someone living on the site is unlikely on its own to warrant the grant of planning permission.

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