HE2 Historic Parks, Gardens and Demesnes

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Policy HE2 Historic Parks, Gardens and Demesnes

Planning permission will only be granted for development proposals within historic parks, gardens or demesnes, or which may impact upon their settings, where it can be demonstrated that all of the following criteria are met:

  1. the development would not lead to the loss of, or cause harm to, the overall character, principal components or setting of the Historic Park, Garden or Demesne, including landscaping and distinct boundary features;
  2. the development would not adversely impact on the overall quality, understanding, experience and enjoyment of the Historic Park, Garden or Demesne; and
  3. the development would not impair the archaeological, historical or botanical interest of the site.

In addition, proposals must meet the General Policy and accord with other provisions of the LDP.

If permission is granted for a development proposal which would result in the loss of any distinctive features, a planning condition will be applied which will require developers to record these features prior to the commencement of development, working to a brief agreed by the Council in liaison with the other appropriate agencies.

Justification and Amplification

Our historic parks, gardens and demesnes are designed landscapes. They provide for enjoyment, relaxation and learning and contribute to the wellbeing of our communities as well as having a significant role to play in tourism. They also make an important contribution to the quality and character of our local landscapes. However, they are also a fragile and finite resource which can become vulnerable to the pressures of development if not adequately protected.

The Register of Parks, Gardens and Demesnes of Special Historic Interest was established by Northern Ireland Heritage Gardens Committee on behalf of NIEA (now DfC HED) to identify those planned landscapes considered to be of exceptional regional importance. In Mid and East Antrim 11 sites have been included on the ‘Main Register56’ with a further seven sites having been identified as having a high level of interest and designated as 'Supplementary' sites. Further details are contained in Technical Supplement 13 Built Environment and Creating Places.

This planning policy seeks to secure the protection, conservation and, where possible, the enhancement of the heritage features associated with these historic parks, gardens and demesnes and where considered appropriate this policy will also be applied to the 'Supplementary' sites. In assessing proposals for development in or adjacent to a designated historic park, garden or demesne particular attention will be paid to the impact of the proposal on:

  • the archaeological, historical or botanical interest of the site;
  • the site’s original design concept, overall quality and setting;
  • trees and woodland and the site’s contribution to local landscape character;
  • any buildings or features of character within the site including boundary walls, pathways, garden terraces or water features; and
  • planned historic views of or from the site or buildings within it.
  • 56 - The current list of Registered and Supplementary Historic Parks, Gardens and Demesnes can be accessed here: https://www.communities-ni.gov.uk/articles/historic-parks-gardens-and-demesnes

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