Cllr Maureen Morrow

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

Cllr Robert Logan

Chair of Planning Committee

Anne Donaghy

Chief Executive

On behalf of Council we are delighted to present the next stage of our journey to create a new development plan for Mid and East Antrim.

This document presents the key finding after two years of research and its purpose is to get your views so we can achieve the best plan for our borough.

Planning is an extremely important function for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council as it is the catalyst to economic growth, the delivery of housing and supporting infrastructure, and the safeguarding our quality landscapes, tourism and heritage assets.

This plan is therefore an extremely important document in shaping the future of Mid and East Antrim.

Our Elected Members place planning as a key priority and our Council has had the most efficient planning services in Northern Ireland for the past five years.

We have developed this draft plan and your role is now crucial to helping to create a borough that supports economic growth and innovation, infrastructure, the right mix of housing, schools and more.

We have spent a lot of time carrying out extensive research around a wide range of matters, including housing needs and the environment, in order to properly consider all factors to move us to the next stage of our development plan.

This document sets out a plan for our future.

None of this can be done in isolation and as a borough we need to move forward together, be that on housing, infrastructure or green spaces, so our people have the very best quality of life.

We need you to help us produce a final strong and effective plan to really grow this borough for the next 10 years.

We will be consulting with our community and the various sectors in Mid and East Antrim over the next 12 weeks.

A number of public engagement events will now be held and if you need further information to help you to respond to the public consultation, please contact us.

This plan is for everyone – both now and for generations to come.

It is for our children, our working population and our older people.

It is a roadmap that will create a stronger borough with more employment and improved quality of life in Mid and East Antrim.

Clár ábhair