10. Stewardship of our Built Environment and Creating Places

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The planning system has a key role in the stewardship of our built environment and helping to shape successful places.  Through the LDP our built environment will be protected from inappropriate proposals that would have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of an area alongside promoting the principles of successful place-making and good design.  The protection of our historic environment is an important element of this stewardship and in our Borough this includes historic buildings, parks and gardens, standing, buried and submerged remains, and areas and sites of special architectural or historic interest.  Once lost, these heritage assets cannot be replaced and their loss is likely to have adverse cultural, environmental, economic and social impacts.

Promoting stewardship of our built environment and creating places, supports our Community Plan in relation to its themes of ‘Sustainable Jobs and Tourism’ and ‘Our Environment’ for example through the conservation and protection of our heritage assets.  It is also recognised that these actions will also have wider benefits that will contribute to meeting other strategic priorities in relation to ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Progress in Education’ within our Community Plan.

The strategic subject policies within this chapter will assist with the implementation of the strategic objectives set out in Chapter 4.0, particularly the following:

  • To protect, conserve and where possible enhance our historic environment, including the full suite of heritage assets which are associated with the historical evolution of Mid and East Antrim.
  • To promote high quality design standards in all development so as to reflect local distinctiveness and further positive place-making.

Many of the LDP strategic objectives are to some degree inter-related and mutually beneficial.  Meeting objectives under this theme will also assist us in delivering on other social and economic objectives, for example those aimed at promoting economic growth through tourism and those seeking to deliver quality public places and ‘shared spaces’.

In this chapter, the strategic subject polices are informed by our evidence base and the relevant regional and local policy context, alongside our Sustainability Appraisal objectives, particularly the following: 

  • Conserve and enhance our built and cultural heritage, and 
  • Strengthen society.

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