CS7 Local Landscape Policy Areas

Closeddate_range16 Oct, 2019, 9:30am - 11 Dec, 2019, 5:00pm

CS7 Local Landscape Policy Areas

Development within Local Landscape Policy Areas will only be acceptable where it does not have a significant adverse impact on their intrinsic environmental value and character, landscape quality or amenity value.

All development proposals in LLPAs will also be required to meet the General Policy and accord with other provisions of the LDP.

Justification and Amplification

Local Landscape Policy Areas (LLPAs) are often designated to protect those areas within or adjoining settlements which are considered to be of greatest amenity value, landscape quality or local significance. Development pressures are often greatest in such areas, with potential for harmful impacts through inappropriate development.

The SPPS requires the LDP, where appropriate, to designate LLPAs and bring forward local policies and guidance to maintain the intrinsic landscape, environmental value and character of such areas. At present, LLPAs are only designated in the Carrickfergus area through the draft BMAP. The Local Policies Plan will review these and consider LLPA designations elsewhere in the Borough.

Development proposals within an LLPA should not overly dominate or detract from the locally distinctive landscape and townscape character of settlements and their setting. This policy aims to prevent over-intensive or inappropriate development in those areas identified as being of particular importance in reflecting and defining the character of the settlement. The policy also seeks to protect those features and qualities that are of intrinsic environmental value or local significance in regard to amenity or the historic environment.

The SPPS advises that LLPAs can include the following features:

  • archaeological sites and monuments and their settings;
  • listed and other locally important buildings and their settings;
  • riverbanks and shorelines and associated public access;
  • attractive vistas, localised hills and other areas of local amenity importance; and
  • areas of local nature conservation importance including areas of woodland and important tree groups.

However, this list is not exhaustive, and in designating LLPAs through the Local Policies Plan, Council will consider any feature within or adjoining a settlement which is of intrinsic landscape, environmental, heritage or amenity value.

Development proposals which would have a significant adverse impacton a designated LLPA will not be granted planning permission. In assessing development proposals within, or adjacent to, LLPAs, priority will be given to the protection of the key features and qualities identified in the LDP, that individually or cumulatively contribute to the overall integrity or character of the area. Proposals that seek to sensitively integrate such features into the overall design concept so as to produce a high quality development, will be positively supported. The onus is with the applicant to fully demonstrate that the proposed development will not have a significant adverse impact on these identified features or qualities of the LLPA.

Where appropriate, conditions will be attached to planning permission to secure the protection of the key features and qualities of the LLPA.